Necessity of Vision, Mission and Values for a start-up

Vision defines the dream destination (What and Where) of your organization whereas, a north-star statement that creates the focus and direction, whereas mission defines the purpose of your organization (why) and ensures alignment of action (How) with its Vision.   Vision statement should essentially have 3 qualities, Aspiration, Inspiration and Direction. Vision helps you to visualize growth possibility of an organization for 8 to 10 years of timeframe.   Mission helps organization to create alignment of actions and behaviors of people. Behaviors of people are expected to be based on strong Values of the organization. Values are like roots of the tree; they provide solid foundation and act like a lighthouse for the organization in turbulent times. For example, in an organization with a value about Customer Focus, employees ooze empathy to their customers. Their thoughts and actions are configured around personal commitment to customers win all the time.Now we appreciate importance of Vision, Mission and Values to create alignment in action within organization and move towards closing growth possibility with defined timeline. Leadership team has further responsibility to speak about Vision and Mission all the time, every day and at every opportunity, thereby helping people to realize their purpose of engagement with the organization. Leadership team should also demonstrate the Values through their behaviors all the time. It is non-negotiable.    The pyramid below shows how alignment of action should permeate within the organization. Leadership team needs to create system to support actions and behaviors expected out of this strategic alignment. Do you think something similar happens with your organization? Let us categorize organizations in 3 types: Type A, Type B and Type CMore than 60% of the organizations don’t know where they are going, they just keep on continuing. They are moving without any Vision. This doesn’t mean they are not growing or not making profits, but their growth is directionless and “Numbers” are centric, their efforts are not focused or concentrated towards their long term goals and above all they are scattered. These are  organizations.Many organizations do have great Vision & Mission, Well defined! We can see it on their official websites. But if you ask any of these employees, what is your Vision and Mission? Hardly anybody can recall it. In such organizations Vision and Mission are just one of the rituals of communication defined by the management. They are namesake. In these cases organization’s Vision demands certain efforts in certain directions, but in reality efforts and actions are not aligned with its Vision and Mission. There is a huge gap between vision and reality. These are organizations.In  organizations it’s a rear combination where their Vision is well defined, well communicated and employee’s thoughts and actions are well aligned with the Vision and driven by Mission with a clear road map.Where is your organization at present and where you want to be, 

Business without Vision is an illusion:

Relationship between Vision,Mission and Values :

Structuring it with the help of a pyramid :

Type C

Type B

Type A

Type A, Type B or Type C? Analyze yourself and work towards it.

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