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About Burning Man


How much does it actually cost to survive for four days in the desert? That’s a question everyone who makes the trek must answer.


Bikes abandoned at Burning Man festival to be given to hurricane victims. There are more than 5000 bikes every year left behind.


Burning Man, an annual gathering that draws about 65,000 participants to the Nevada desert for more than a week.


The over-the-top costumes are beyond wild and crazy. For those who do choose to wear clothing, it's all about the costumes.


Since 1986, located in Black Rock Desert, for a week of art, music, dancing, and ‘radical’ self-expression.


What started in 1986 as two friends burning an eight-foot statue on a San Francisco beach has grown into a statue as tall as 105 feet.


The ultimate misconception about Burning Man, though, is that it'll be around forever. The whole idea is that it won't.


A gigantic wooden sculpture known as "The Man" is engulfed in flames during arts and music festival in the desert of Nevada.

A city in the desert. A culture of possibility.

Burning Man is a laboratory.

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  • People came to the desert because the stars were in the desert, and the stars had yet to be corrupted by man... The stars, it seemed, would crush man in a scenic, gravitational panorama before man would ever corrupt the stars.
    Rick Moody
    The Four Fingers of Death
  • That’s how it is with me. I keep burning. I am the burning man.
    Alan Russell
  • People who dress up in bizarre costumes have a savoir-vivre - not to mention the sort of personality disorder - that he admires.
    Thomas Pynchon
    Gravity's Rainbow

A gathering where public nudity is common